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WOW!!!! Were should i begin? How about i begin with the most simple things needless to say I had a Aunt Uncle and Granny well a net family.... Well i guess they let the crew go to there head and just said hell with FAMILY....  The crew started as family was suppose to me more family then anything and drama was suppose to be something they hated welll i guess they must not have really hated it b/c they cause 99.9% of it all... Even tho they say they dont .... Well back on the family subject they screwed me and my mom and my bro and my soon to be hubby stright into the ground..... Just b/c they let sertain people over rank others.... Just like needless to say if u dont have a crew tag u dont exsist which is wierd b/c at the very beginning a great friend of ours Evo was considered family..... he makes one lil jk and they jump his ass what kind of family would jump his ass.... And the bad part is the crew member he made the jk to laughed at the jk and wasnt even pissed but yet they still jumped his ass.... Grrrr Blah Grrrr...... Hmm what else is there to say..... ooooo..... yea...... My so called granny got pissed at me for something my soon to be hubby said and iggied me wtf some freaken Granny u are as far as im conserned ur ass can shrival up and die dont clam to be my granny then break my heart that shit just isnt right..... As far as im consered ur ass dosnt exsist no more..... Now on to the Aunt and Uncle subject welll lets see i really really loved them and they screwed us over well my so called Aunt talked trash on my brother instead of nicely asking him to leave the crew and my so called uncle turned his back to us and left every time there was drama instead of staying to help..... May i ask u future readers of this site do these people sound like family to you? I mean can i get a nooooo forget that can i get a HELLLLL NOOO...... Of course there are others who are fake and it took me the hard way to figure it out ..... but i leave u with this...... Watch who u make friends with on the net b/c 99.9% of them will stab u in the back faster then u can say fuck it all of course there is always that one % that treat u sooo good and make u want to stay on here with that said I would like to say ..............