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Family Photo Album



M X TW‡........ this is my sexy twin we are so much alike its scarey.... but also at the same time it is sooo freaken awsome..... Love you so much twin thank you for everything....


Alexander Fey
My Sissy Willows Baby isnt she soooooo cute just like my sissy


M ‡ HRT..... this is my sexy sissy ive know her forever shes always be sooo good to me and my mom i wouldnt trade our friendship for the world... thank you sissy love ya


M X ߥ
this is my sexy bubby... help me thru sooo much.. i mean sooo much... more then he will ever you tons my bubby thanks 4 everything


this is my lil momo
love her to peices
always makes me laugh
thank u tons


Th$ ‡$ ǵ† T$..... this is tears such a sweetie... one to speack her mind thats why i love her so much.... thank tears for all the time u backed me ya girl friend


This is my Bubby Rat and his girlfriend and my Dad Randy getting ready for prom.... my bro is kick ass he is learning computer..... awsome huh..... my dady is awsome tooo not a computer person tho..... and kayla i have no clue but shes kool tho


This is my friend Mo I pimp him out alot but he's not cheap soooo ladies put the big bucks up for this


This is my friend Kupo he's leaveing soon:(  i miss him he needs to get is booty back here


This is my Friend Gail she is like anoth mom shes always been there for me and i love her bunches


This is my sis berry shes always be there for me she was even there for me the first day i meet her how freaken awsome is that


This is my Big Bro .... Mess with me u gotta mess with him