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The Cold Within
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My Baby Cuz


Justess Ann Henry
16 months
March 2005


H$ K$$ F
~Need a kiss I'll give you one
That's what I love to do
Come a little closer now
This pucker is for you

Love to travel everywhere
Having grand old time
Wanna give a special kiss
Make you feel just fine

After you receive this kiss
Tell you what to do
Send it on to all your friends
I'll give a smooch or two

What a job this really is
I'm telling you it's true
So many kisses I can give
These lips are made for you

That's okay it's fun ya know
It's what I wanna do
Fly around the internet
With kisses just for you

Having just the greatest fun
With lips that want to please
Come on now lets have a kiss
This job is sure a breeze.~