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About ME


I am 22 yrs old... Will be 23 July 1st... and cant wait... I am from a lil village called Oak Hill in Ohio...but movied to a town called Jackson when I was in 3rd grade been in Jackson ever sence...Most of my family still live in the village of Oak Hill and probally will for the rest of there lives.. I have been on the net for about 6yrs now... I made some awsome friends and also made some so called friends who are nuttin but assholes but thats a diff story.. Anyways.. My lovely mom comes on here she goes by Rain.. I first started going to the Romance rooms but my mom talked me into going to the christian chat rooms of course this is on yahoo.. And now been going to the christain chat rooms ever sence... I have a wonderful hubby that is sooo good to me... Well enough about me we will find something better to talk about later. 


Th  M


COLOR: Purple
AMINAL: White Bengal Tigger
INSECT: Butterfly
SONG: Welcome to my life
PASSTIME:Sing, listen to music, chat, spend time with my friends, and everything WITHOUT drama!!!
AUTHOR: Stephen King / R. L. Stine